Dear Friends,

There are 8 days left until the election and today, October 26th, is the last day to register online or by mail. I know that it has been said that this is an election of a lifetime. We are experiencing societal issues: global pandemic, economic depression, civil unrest, federal voting interference and more.


If you have questions about the election, check out the links below. Deposit your ballot to a Post Office or an official ballot drop box by Monday (to be safe). If you wait to vote on Tuesday November 3rd, and you want your vote to be counted, I would recommend that you deliver it to the Pierce County Election Office’s drop box—2501 S 35th Street 98409—by 8pm. Your ballot must be postmarked by Tuesday in order to be counted in the General Election.

Thank you for voting and your support,

Together, we can make progressive change happen.

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